Feeling Stressed or Depressed? Buy Some Flowers Online

Beautiful flower gardens have been a part of our world for thousands of years. Yet, flowers don’t provide us with food, clothing fibers, or any other item considered necessary for survival. So, why do we spend so much time planting and caring for flowers?

A recent study conducted at Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey, offers scientific proof that flowers do provide happiness, surely a necessity for our emotional well being. The study was conducted under the direction of Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., who is a psychologist and internationally known expert in emotional development in human behavior. Of the results, Dr. Haviland-Jones said, “What’s most exciting about this study is that it challenges established scientific beliefs about how people can manage their day-to-day moods in a healthy and natural way.”

The study lasted for 10 months and produced proof of the

• Flowers immediately affect happiness.
• The impact of flowers is positive and long-term.
• Flowers help to enable connections between people.

In the stressful world we live in, isn’t it nice to know that by taking the simple step of purchasing flowers, you can quickly improve your own mood or someone else’s? And, better yet, the flowers you buy for yourself will make those who see them happy as well. Just place them in a high-traffic area like the entryway to your home, on your kitchen table, or in the family’s sitting room. Dr. Haviland-Jones agrees, saying, “Flowers bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room. They make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere.”

Want to boost the mood of your employees and customers? Place flowers in your lobby and in areas used by your employees, like the break room, cafeteria, or meeting rooms. You’ll benefit by having a more beautiful workplace and you’ll see more smiles around the office. Improved morale can also increase employee productivity, so your small purchase of flowers can result in huge returns!

Your florist can help you choose the perfect flowers for any occasion and can even help you pick the right flowers to match the recipients personality or the space they’ll be placed in. Just pick up the phone and call or visit the flower shop to discuss what you need and what you’d like to achieve.

Choosing A Quality Online Florist

The first thing to look at when choosing an online florist is whether or not the company is a real florist. There are actually many companies that claim to be but are not. Instead, these companies are resellers or affiliates. This means they just take your flower arrangement order and send it to a florist. As a result, your flower arrangement might not be the best quality. You will also probably spend more to send flower arrangements this way. This is because you are paying the commission for the reseller.

Choose Local

An online florist can have a flower shop anywhere in the world. For flower arrangements to stay fresh, they cannot travel great distances. Therefore, choose an online florist with a shop in the area where you plan to send flower arrangements. That way, your flower arrangement will be fresh when it gets to the person you are sending it to.

It is actually easier to choose a local florist than you might think. First, go to a search engine, such as Google. Then, type in “florist” and the name of the city where you wish to send flower arrangements. This will bring up many different florists for the area. Some will then allow you to complete your order online.

If you still aren’t sure about the florist, call. Ask the worker if they are a local business. Then, ask for directions to the shop. If the person is unable to give you directions, it’s a sure sign it isn’t really a local flower shop. You might also want to check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the florist has a solid reputation.

Choose Secure

When shopping online for a beautiful flower arrangement, you also want to be sure you are safe. This means you should only order a flower arrangement from a florist with a secure server. A secure server guarantees no one will be able to steal your credit card information. To be sure the web site is secure, look for a small “lock” symbol on the computer screen. It is usually in the bottom left corner of the browser. Sometimes, it can be found in the top right corner instead. If you don’t see this symbol, don’t shop with that florist. Your personal information will be open for anyone to find and to read if you do.

Choose Honest

When choosing a florist, you also want to work only with one that is honest with its customers. For example, a florist who claims to offer free flower delivery or to be tax-free is not being honest. The flower delivery driver has to be paid somehow. At the same time, taxes have to be paid. You will pay for the flower delivery and taxes one way or another. Either the flowers will be more expensive or, worse yet, you might get a low quality flower arrangement. A good florist will have all of this information on the website. You should be able to easily find out how much delivery costs and how much tax you will pay.

A Good Deal of Buying Flowers Online

Ever wondered what you will give your mom for her birthday? Having a hard time thinking of what would be the best anniversary gift for your girl? Cheer up! You definitely can buy flowers online! Fresh flowers and arrangements can probably be treated as the most popular gifts in the whole world. Basically, nothing brings a smile on someone’s face that you specially care about than the sight and smell of fresh, colorful, and wonderfully arranged flowers. Flowers connect every human being with nature. It spells an outdoor ambience as well. Flowers also have long been non-verbal ways of expressing one’s emotions whether it be a simple “hi” or “hello”, “congratulations”, “condolence”, or “I love you”.

In a variety of purposes, flowers apply. And it is in this connection that adamant availability of buying flowers online has become possible. Buying flowers online is an easy to access market which anyone can get through any time of the day and any day of the week. Flowers do mark every significant event in a person’s life. Flowers are present in weddings, births, funerals, anniversaries, graduations, and the likes. For flowers always give off a positive impact on a person’s emotions, they give delight due to their fragile beauty, and spell out a powerful symbol of enduring affection and optimism towards life.

So you do want to express your emotions through flowers but you are too busy to drop by a flower shop, you are currently on a trip away from the city, or the person you are to give flowers to is far from you. Then the best possible solution is to send flowers online! Online florists carefully assist you with your every floral need. Wonderful bouquets and arrangements of various kinds of flowers suited for every occasion and for every person are readily available for purchase. Amiable as the staff members are, they are just too willing to help you pick out the right choice which you deem will aptly fit your purpose of giving out flowers. Better yet, try buying flowers online.

You better know the “language of flowers”. Flowers express and symbolize different things. Certainly online florists are aware of these. So you must catch up to them and let them give you a hand. Buying flowers online successfully proves a point. Thousands and thousands of buying flowers online options are around the world. Florists will likely give you suggestions which they deem to be perfect for you and the recipient. Designing flower arrangements is an art so better take note of who to deal with. Some online flower shops offer personalized ambience and quality with their services and products. You may be too trendy as you may need a florist who has a creative flair or too classy that you may want a conservative design. Well, you definitely can try buying flowers online as these things are catered to by them.

Buying flowers online give you the opportunity to know flowers well. In whatever occasion, buying flowers online can be an option. You can also ask questions about rare flowers, how they can be ordered and delivered. Respectable floral shops are out in the internet world. Some online florist services deliver on national basis, international basis, or both. Flowers can say it for you! No need to be thinking of romantic words or terms to say to her. Express it with flowers as they may speak louder than your words. They may mean a lot to the recipient. Flowers are truly a gift to us. They are not only beautiful but they are fascinating proofs of how powerful the effect nature has to humans. Save yourself the worry of driving from one flower shop to another. You can buy flowers online!

The Pros And Cons Of Buying Flowers Online Or A Local Florist

Sending out flowers to someone is among the most reliable methods of revealing your feelings. Flowers are sent out on different occasions like birthdays or anniversaries and even with no particular event.

When you wish to purchase flowers and have them sent to your beloved, you can do so through either an online floral designer or a regional florist. Both have advantages and disadvantages which are gone over listed below.

Online Florists

You can discover some online floral designers on the web. These florists permit you to purchase the flowers and have them sent out to any corner of the world. They offer different advantages, which has made them preferred. Some of the benefits of searching for flowers through them are discussed below:

  • The most important advantage of online flower designers is that looking for flowers through them is practical and less time-consuming. You can arrange for flower delivery in Sydney with a few clicks of a mouse button.
  • You will have a wide variety of flowers, arrangements and floral plans to pick from if you opt for an online flower designer. The flowers are set up inning accordance with price, occasion, season as well as colour. Furthermore, because there are a lot of them online, you can choose another website if you do not find anything good on the very first one.
  • The costs are consistent and low. For that reason, you can get a lovely bouquet or floral plan without investing a great deal of money.
  • They supply a more reliable service because they have a broad international network. Moreover, these flower shops can deliver flowers within 24 hours of order positioning. They likewise utilise fresh flowers for the order.

However, purchasing a flower through such kind of flower designers has some downsides too:

  • You will not get to see the actual product and so, will not have the ability to judge the quality if you decide to buy flowers through these floral designers.
  • Some online florists might charge you a high quantity for flower shipment. Thus, the total cost may be raised to a high amount.
  • Fixed costs can serve as a drawback. This is since if the prices are set, you will not have the ability to deal and get the rate of the flowers, lowered.

What about buying flowers from a local florist?

Local flower shops have been serving the neighbourhood because of the last a lot of years. Many individuals still choose to go with them to buy the flowers and get them provided. This is primarily due to the following advantages they offer:

  • A local florist in Macquarie Park can offer a tailored service, mainly if they know you for some years. They can give excellent suggestions about the kind of flowers that would be suitable for the event.
  • You can see the flowers and assess their quality. Thus, you can get excellent quality flowers through them.
  • They do not have set prices on the flowers. You can likewise bargain with the flower designer and hence, get a lower rate on the flowers. For example, the flower designer might be happy to sell the flowers at a little cost if you go to them near closing time.

Nevertheless, people have understood certain downsides of local flower designers as well. The main drawback of purchasing flowers through the local florist is that it is somewhat inconvenient for consumers. You need to travel to the flower designer to buy the flowers.

Additionally, if you do not discover anything good over there, then you need to search for another reliable floral designer. Thus, the entire process is quite time-consuming likewise. The regional florists also have limited variety of flowers to select from. You may not have the ability to discover unique flowers at their store. Therefore, you will have to settle for whatever they are using.

Final thoughts

It can be seen that both local and online floral designers have benefits along with drawbacks. Hence, neither is better than the other; it all depends on your needs. For example, if you need tailored service then purchasing from a local flower shop is the better alternative. On the other hand, if you need a convenient and fast solution, then buying from an online flower designer is the better option.